Thursday, August 16, 2012

Slow and Unsteady

I'm trying to view all of my house decorating endeavors as running a marathon. It's okay if I have to walk the whole thing, just as long as I finish. (you can walk some marathons right? okay, I have no idea.) Really, all the changes that I was hoping to make when we moved in are taking way longer than I had planned. It's hard not to be discouraged. So, in an effort to motivate myself to keep going I'll show some of the progress I've made!

Abby and I painted the walls blue during the kids' naps one day. Thanks Abby!

I got these lights at Ikea over 5 years ago. I decided to change them up a little bit by painting one of the cords and braiding it.

This was a savers find that was awesome because it's an original, but a little too cream and pink for my taste. So I added white and red to the frame and to the painting itself and I love how it turned out! It was so gratifying to make just a few changes and have it make such a big difference. Now I feel like if belongs in a cute little girl's room. 

I made this mobile last year, but I still like it. :) 

This was pretty awesome. I hot glued fabric and batting to a cardboard box to make a pelmet box. The cardboard was from an ikea box that was totally the perfect size. I just cut off the bottom and the back and glued the heck out of it. It only took an hour or less (with Russell watching the kids, that's probably why it felt so easy).

Painted a shelf red and got this cute little house at Hobby Lobby for under $3. ( I had to stop myself from buying a ton of these for christmas/halloween decorations. No promises that I won't succumb next time.)

Plus a new ikea light - which Russell thought was unnecessary, but still let me keep anyway. I won't go into the discussion that ensued, but I really am not a fan of the previous light

Still need to paint the wainscoting and trim and ceiling, but it's coming along. Yeah, this is only Gwen's room, but I'm just taking it one step at a time. :) 


Dean, Andrea, Tanner, and Landon said...

Man Anna you have such great taste/style! I love it all!

Delys said...

It's been so long since I've sat at the computer and looked at blogs and I'm so glad you keep a blog and I love seeing your pictures and the fun projects you're working on. When I saw the picture of the girls quilting night I so wished I could be there. Can't wait to come visit!