Thursday, August 30, 2012

our indoor playhouse!

See more updates and a year later follow up here.

When we bought our house, they had this little section downstairs that was set up for a gas fireplace. But Russell didn't want one downstairs in the kid's playroom where they could mess around with it unsupervised. I wasn't really sure what to do with it. And it's looked exactly like this since the day we moved in 4 months ago:

Jonas' birthday was coming up and we decided to get him just one big present. I was thinking about getting him one of those plastic playhouses, but those seem to just become dirty and forgotten in the yard after some time. Plus I wanted something that they could play with in the winter. Then I saw this - which inspired me to build one over the existing framework for the fireplace! It was a little intimidating, because I've never built anything before. Never used a chop saw, jig saw, nail gun - but my father-in-law and brother-in-law helped me figure it out, and on Saturday Russell and I got started buying and cutting the wood. 
4 days later and TA-DA!

This was really one of the funnest things I've ever done. I've always wanted to build something like this since I was little, and now I finally did! The only problem is now I don't want to stop. I'm looking at the kids' closets, going "hmmm... do they really need those closets?". It was so so much fun. But, it was messy, and it was kind of hard on my kids being a little ignored, mostly Gwen:

(her crying at my feet while I take pictures. Well, the left pic is crying, not sure what she's doing in the right. )

I took quite a bit of time really thinking out how I was going to build it, and taking a lot of measurements, figuring out a shopping list, and a cut list. And, even though I tried to cut all the wood in one day, I was glad that I found my Dad's chop saw in the garage, because even though I tried to be precise in my measurements... I wasn't. :)

I added to the fireplace framework and started nail gunning away.

I made a huge mess that Russell kept trying to clean up. I'm not sure when he's gonna learn to embrace the chaos. :)

More cutting, painting, sanding and... VOILA:

Here's some detail shots:

The window opens in. and there's a little battery touch light inside.

The mail slot is pretty fun. I think that's some play food they stuck in there. I guess it doubles as an oven.  

And after all that work - the kids love it! But Jonas is disappointed that I haven't painted the ladder yet. Meh, eventually.  I think I'll get some play flowers for the window box too... eventually.

The loft part has a foam camping mattress cut to size, and covered with canvas.

Here's some other cool things in the playroom. I love this vintage chair I got at an "antique" shop.

And I really love how this mobile looks with the finger painting Jonas and I did a couple years ago.

And now that we've got the playhouse - This is definitely the funnest room in the house!


Skye said...

This is absolutely AMAZING!!!! What lucky kids. You are so talented!

June said...

So cute! I LOVE it!

Mercedi said...

That is amazing!! What a creative idea! Thanks for sharing!

MotherLode said...

This is incrdible! I love it - I love the dutch door, the little window - the mail slot!! It's wonderful.

June said...

Hey Anna!
I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! check it out at:

Anna said...

Wow, awesome. Thanks June!

Stephen Sinnett/Helena Sinnett said...

Showed my little 4 year old this and he loved it,he's moving into mum and dad's bedroom,his little sister is getting his room..were moving to guest bedroom ...removing 3 wardrobes from our wall to wall wardrobes and going to build a wider version of your idea ...send you pics when complete...thanks for the inspiration..Stephen in Boden,Sweden :-)

Anna said...

awesome! I'd love to see some pictures!

Cph Kiddo said...

It is really amazing!Great colors and details.
I hope that it's okay to show the picture on my blog. I will link to you of course :)

Anna said...

yep! totally good with sharing. :) post away. :)

Beth said...

Hi Anna... You don't have any contact information on your site so I'm leaving a comment. We'd like to feature this playhouse on Apartment Therapy. Can you please email me for more info? Thank you! ~Beth

Jen said...

I spotted this on Apartment Therapy, and would like your permission to use your before/after photos of the project, credited, as part of a newspaper article I'm soon doing on "other" ways to use your non-operating fireplace (or fireplace nook, in your case) -- would you please email me at

Courtney Lee said...

fabulous! wish wish mine were small enough to enjoy something like that@

Cathy Hutchison said...

I want one just for me! LOL!

Jason and Emilee Munafo said...

How deep and wide is your house?Super Cute!

Jason and Emilee Munafo said...
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ulrika palmer said...

Just wanted to thank you for sharing this pictures with us.
Saw this house on Pinterest and just fell in love.
Now we have biuld a indoorhouse in the kids playroom tottaly inspured by your house.
The kids love it.
Thanks from Ullis in Sweden.
If you want to se pictures of our house check my Pinterset site ullisnrkp.

Carito R said...

Congrats on your projets! We are getting inspired by it and will build something similar. Thanks for sharing:)

Neri Ann said...

I love it! I wish I can request my partner to make something for our twins