Thursday, July 26, 2012

bedtime at the hansen's

 There are few times of the day that I love as much as bedtime. The KIDS' bedtime that is. Not only does it mean that it's almost time for a break, but also that the kids are adorable as they get ready for bed. I love how clean and cuddly they are after their bath in their pajamas.

I love seeing Russell spending time with them and being their Dad. 

They also get a little crazy and silly, trying to fit as much into the last few minutes of their day as they can.

(this is them laying in Trixie's doggy bed, and then, when Russell tells them to get out, they start frantically wiggling around, knowing that they have about 2 seconds before he comes and gets them.)

Gwen on her way out to her room.

Jonas sneakily following behind.


Gwen reading one of her favorite books "Where is your nose?". She knows.

Right before Russell comes out for Jonas: "Take a picture of me Mom! Take a picture of MEEE!". Then he sits next to me and looks at all of them and laughs and laughs. 

I love how quiet the house is after the kids are in bed. It's such a relief to have made it through another day and to finally get a break. I usually sit right here on the couch and try to just let my brain settle a little bit.

After about a minute of enjoying the peace and quiet that I've been looking forward to all day - I start to miss my kids. I look around and see the cute little piles they've left everywhere. I just sit and think about how much I love them. How grateful I am to have them. How lucky I am to be a mom. 

I'm starting  to be able to actually enjoy the messes. Not that I love cleaning.  But I love the evidence of the happy life that we're leading. I like to have a house that shows that kids live here and have fun here. 

Man, I'm lucky.

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ASL Club said...

Okay, I'm crying and Abby just said, "I LOVE THAT!" You both are doing a great job at the most important job. Thankyou.