Wednesday, February 1, 2012

sensory bins

We were at my mom's house yesterday, and she pulled out their big bucket of popcorn. the kids had SO much fun pouring the corn back and forth. It reminded me of some sensory bins that I'd seen on pinterest and it made me realize how genius they really are. So, a trip to walmart and the dollar store then ... ta da!

 I got little toys to put in with it, but they seem to like just playing with the rocks for a while.

Here's what's next in the line-up:

 I hope the kids will enjoy it as much as I do. I love doing stuff like this for them. It's so fun to have them grow up to the point where I feel like I can be a little more creative with them. Not just feed, diapers, and sleeping anymore. I finally feel like I'm really a mom. ... almost...

I have plans for all different kinds. I'll keep the different material in gallon ziploc bags so that we can re-use the same bin. I got a shallow 6 qt bin first, but realized that when I added the little toys, a 15 qt bin would be better. If you want to do it too - here are some ideas:

- green peas   - black beans  - white beans    - sand    - smoothed rocks    - cloud dough

Toy ideas:    - bugs    - dinosaurs    - animals     - fish    - sea shells
Basically just go to the dollar store and go crazy. :) I also found some great little cheap dinosaur and animal sets in the novelty section at walmart.

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