Monday, January 23, 2012

clean it up - get it out

This used to be my dad's cleaning motto. When I was 8 I was broken-hearted when I found out that he'd used it on my easy bake oven... 2 years before. But now that I'm a mom, in charge of cleaning everything up, I think it's right on.  I'm gonna print this up and put it on our "out pile" box.


Karen said...

I love that! Sorry about your easy bake oven though... :) P.S. Your kiddos are so cute. AND I love your sensory bins! How did you dye your rice?

Anna said...

I put a little bit of rubbing alcohol and food coloring into separate bags and then poured in the rice and shook it up. I didn't use very much dye though so it's pretty light colors. then just let it dry. I found a tutorial online somewhere but now I can't find it. :) Hope that all made some sense.