Thursday, April 21, 2011

word of wisdom living

This is great. After things have settled a little bit after the move, and we actually have it in our budget to buy food, then I'm going to take a serious look at all these suggestions and make some changes.

What I love about this site, aside from the clean modern design, is that it gives small weekly steps towards improvement. I mean, seriously, who would say no to the snack plate pictured above. I'm in.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

what happens at grandmas...

Russell's parents have been really helpful with Jonas and Gwen over the past couple of days while we pack and I have breakdowns. :) She just sent us these pictures and they crack me up.

especially this one.

Jonas' favorite thing. Why do little boys love cars so much? He just can't get enough.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

let's be friends

I've decided that I'm sick of being threatened and afraid of people.

The fashionable looking mom whose kids' clothes fit, match and are clean all at the same time.

The Insurance Broker that I'm supposed to call to correct my kids' heights because I was way off.

The leering 40 year old man at Wal-Mart wearing cut-offs, a cheeto-stained wifebeater and a handlbar mustache.

Okay... maybe that last one's a little justified. Then again... maybe not.

But honestly. We're all just people. Everyone's got problems and weaknesses they're trying to deal with. I'm not sure why I assume that everyone has it all figured out and I'm the only one who's struggling and insecure. Sheesh. I'm 24. I thought I'd have all this stuff figured out by now. I guess I'll just keep trying.


Monday, April 18, 2011

hmmm... which one?

bunny hat? or...

duck booties?

either way I would be tempted to have Gwen wear them to church on Sunday.

But, I've gotta be honest with myself, I have more packing to do than time to do it in. So I probably shouldn't make anything right now... or blog anything... too late.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

color me mine ideas

I'm going to color me mine today and I've been looking online for some inspiration. Because last time, when I went without planning anything beforehand, I just sat there and stared at the bowl for probably an hour without touching anything. Then I made something I didn't like.

I love these - and I'm thinking that I might try something similiar.

Beautiful right? You can buy them here.

Friday, April 8, 2011

another day, another mess

I woke up early this morning to take care of Jonas and Gwen. I decided that I should try to be a normal person and take a shower. I knew that Jonas would need some entertainment so I gave him part of his cool new easter toy to keep him entertained, set out food, turned on his favorite music and turned over all the chairs hoping that would keep him from climbing... I swear. I was only in there for ten minutes.

sigh. I'm thinking I'm just going to turn this blog into a catalog of messes - that way whenever my house is semi-clean, I can look at these pictures and consider it an accomplishment.

We're going through paper towels pretty quickly these days. Luckily he'd already broken this pot in half yesterday. I was going to try to glue it back together, but I think we're past that now.

I'm pretty frustrated today. Taking pictures is my attempt to see the humor in it. But it's hard to laugh about it when Jonas and Gwen scream the whole time I clean it up. And then Jonas just keeps screaming after that - and nothing I do seems to help him. I guess I've just got to keep trying - because really, I don't have any other options, right?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

super easy diy colored vase

this was so easy and i love the result. i got the glass vase from DI for $1.50 - but what i really wanted was to use it as a decorative vase for my future living room. so i:

1.poured some acrylic paint in the bottom
2.added just a little water so that it was thin enough to move around
3.then swished it around.

that's it! it looks so cool in real life. kinda like porcelain. and later, if you decide you want a different color - just soak the vase in water and the paint comes right off. if you still want to use the vase for flowers you could cover the inside with some kind of sealant to make it permanent.

at least he's having fun

I have a confession. Sometimes when Russell goes to work, he puts on Incredibles or Kipper for Jonas while Gwen and I try to catch a little more sleep. I know. It's pretty stupid of us to leave an 18 month old to his own devices. But you'd be surprised at how being sleep deprived changes things. "Yeah, that's dried snot on the couch. I'll get to that eventually." "Peanut butter and Nutella sandwich? That's the breakfast of champions!"

So far he's been fine with it. He'll eat the breakfast Russell sets out for him, play with his toys, read his books. And if he wants me he'll bang on my door until I come out.

Today was different.

This is the only living plant that I've bought that I haven't killed. It lasted a couple years. It coulda survived a nuclear holocaust with how little water and attention it needed. It just couldn't survive Jonas.

This was as gross as it looks. Soaking crock pot + paper towels = blech.

I'm still puzzled by this one. Normally this little dresser and the box below are switched. Could Jonas really have moved them? Russell... was this you? In any case, the knobs for the dresser above...

... are in this bowl over here.

But even with the big mess. I'm really grateful, because this was sitting on the couch:

Unopened thankfully. I have no idea how he got a hold of this. I've been keeping it up in a place that I thought was out of reach to prevent a repeat of this. Man, it could have been much MUCH worse.

I think I've learned my lesson. No more sleep for Mommy.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

re-making a lamp shade

There's something so satisfying about cheap diy projects. It's empowering taking something and making it more beautiful/useful. Granted, sometime the only improvement is personal preference. But heck, it if makes it so that that I like it better, why not. That's how I see this lampshade tutorial. Sure, the previous shade works, but I like the second one so much better and it gives you as many options as there is fabric. I have a few lamps that we haven't been using because I bought lampshades for them before I was married, and now they're a completely different style from anything I own. I think that a little diy-ing is in order.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

loving colorful art

I love this art by Michelle Armas that was featured on Say Yes to Hoboken. I'm thinking that I want to try my hand at something similar. It's probably way harder than it looks. but it could be fun.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

conference project

I love conference weekend. it's so relaxing. I've always loved doing some simple small project while I listen. This time I've been making variations on these. They're fun and pretty quick and easy. Pic and Pattern here.