Wednesday, November 23, 2011

t-shirt to pillow diy tutorial

Need: 1 old shirt , 1 pillow, scissors, sewing machine, pins, thread

even up the sides of the t-shirt to make them square.  then cut only the front of the shirt to match the dimensions of your pillow.

 Cut the back of the shirt to make a rectangle, including part of the sleeves to make the most of your fabric. Cut the rectangle roughly 2/3 up from the bottom.

lay the front piece right side up. then lay the bottom half of the back piece on top, right side down. match the cut edges together and leave the finshed edge wherever it ends up, short from reaching the other side of your front piece. 

Now lay the upper part of the back piece on top, with the sleeve edge facing the middle - clean edges matching up on the outside.  

Pin and sew all around the outside edges.

Clip the corners and trim the edges. Turn inside out and stuff in the pillow.

 Voila! all done. unless you want to add anything to it... which I will in another post. :)

You can also use the same technique for old sweaters. 

Fun, right?! Thank you DI!

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