Monday, November 7, 2011

kids and food - the incredible journey

Guess who's the happiest eater in our family?

Well, I guess that Russell and I do a good job, but Gwen definitely blows Jonas out of the water when it comes to eating happily. 

I guess I should say, that Gwen is better with eating a variety of foods happily. :)

It's amazing what a complicated, stressful, guilt-filled process eating can be. It's an almost constant task to plan and prepare meals. Just thinking about trying to be healthy, budgeting, grocery shopping, and cooking alone is pretty tough. Kids just bring another level of complexity to it. 

Jonas hasn't been a great eater from the beginning. I remember when he was first trying solid foods I was so excited about just giving vegetables first. And then slowly adding in fruits, to try and ensure that he would love his vegetables. Sugar was not going to get anywhere near him until he was 1 at least. I made him some mashed sweet potatoes from scratch, excited about how much he was going to love it. Thinking I was such an awesome mom for preparing something so healthy for my little boy. And then he wouldn't eat any of it. haha, the so go the plans of mice and men, right?

Then the dr's started telling me to feed him straight butter and get more fat into his diet because he was too small. I just gave in. Threw my hands in the air. And let him eat whatever the heck he would. But now I think we're getting to a good place to try again.

I found a great blog that was a little intimidating at first glance. It's hard not to get defensive about the fact that goldfish crackers aren't the best snack. I mean, come on! I buy the whole grain ones! But once I got over that, I was able to see some things that will be really helpful. I really appreciate that she has a practical and well-rounded approach to kids and food. And I think that I'm ready to try to make small changes to try and get us in some better eating habits.

These are some things that I'm recommitting to:

- Never try to force Jonas to eat anything. 
- Serve vegetables as a first course
- Try to expose him to a variety of foods
- Don't give him too many options at one time
- Serve him up small manageable portions that aren't intimidating
- Moderation in all things: Serve food in proportion to its healthfulness. 
- Vary up snacks with the majority being fruits and vegetables
- Cut back on the juice


Sarah said...

Happy eaters are great! I just read some of that blog you linked. The author has some interesting points but I really wish she wouldn't label food "good" and "bad." Every single nutrition prof I had always made a point to tell us that ALL foods can fit into a healthy diet. Just like we hear all the time, moderation :)

Anna said...

Yeah, she makes a point to say that you shouldn't think of foods as good or bad too. it must be in a later post. I love that idea. It takes guilt out of occasional treats. :)

Sarah said...

I should read on! :D

Grannypam said...

I had a friend that had trouble getting her child to eat. She made different colors of circles and every time he ate something "new" they put one on the wall and made a big snake around the room. It was a pretty fun idea I thought.