Wednesday, November 2, 2011

fun in the sun

We went to the park during Russell's lunch break, on what will probably be the last really nice day of the year (sigh). It was so fun. The kids loved to swing. And Jonas is just getting old enough to be a little more confident on the playground (which he calls a "house"). He climbed all the way up to the tallest slide, looked down it, and turned right back around and climbed down. So he's not TOO confident yet. But that's alright with me. Lauren even stopped by for a minute at the end. I'm gonna miss these warm days.

 It was pretty bright out there. Gwen doesn't know how to handle direct sunlight.

This is when Russell deliberately took a bite of his sandwich when he knew that I wanted him to smile. This malfeasance will not stand. So I'm posting this online. Take that! Ha!

Okay, so I did get him to smile eventually.

This was when Jonas started begging for candy. A new thing since Halloween. He thinks that candy is just his for the asking. Not cool.


shayray said...

Such cute picture! WE miss you guys! Gwen is getting so big and is so cute! I want to kiss those cheeks to death! And Jonas? He has HAIR! Haha when did he get hair! He looks so handsome! Ray says he looks so much like Russell. We really need to get together soon!

Stephen said...

Those are the best pictures! You guys are definitely the cutest :) I miss you guys! Hope to see you a bunch over Christmas break