Thursday, November 3, 2011

fall wreath and thx

I really liked the idea of this wreath (yeah, martha stewart again, I know. I kinda feel like I've sold my soul every time I fall for one of her projects) but it looked like a ridiculous amount of work. So I simplified it by a million and I think it still turned out great!

I cut out a bunch of the leaves at a time, stacking roughly 10 pages and then eyeballing the leaves from martha's templates (our printer's broken). It's okay if they don't look perfect, cause they're gonna be partially hidden.

 Once I had a bunch, I folded them in half to give the wreath some dimension. Then I bunched four of the different leaves together, pointing different directions.

I taped the bottom of each bunch of leaves to a metal ring (got it at JoAnn's for a couple bucks) with a small piece of plain scotch tape.

Then just keep folding, bunching, and taping all the leaves in the same direction until...

Voila! You're all done. Now wasn't that fun. And way easier than all the wires, gluing, individual cutting and wrapping that martha wanted.

I think that I want to find some acorns and have them hang down in the center. But we'll see if that ever happens.

If you're not of the texting generation you might not get my modern take on all the "Give Thanks" things that most people have. But "thx" is a short version for "thanks". The lady at the checkout line asked me what I was doing with them, and then looked at me pretty strange when I was trying to explain it. It's supposed to be tongue-in-cheek and a little ironic people. Funny! It's called humor! Yeah, it kinda ruins it when you have to explain it. In any case. I think that these letters turned out pretty cool.

I got these paper mache letters and spray painted them with brown paint. Then I brushed over them with a thin coat of metallic acrylic paint, hoping for a varied bronze effect. It worked like a charm. quick and easy.

I just realized that THX is also the name of the company that plays that really loud surround sound noise before movies. Dang. oh well. I'll keep it up anyway. Maybe I'll just give in and do the full "THANKS" for the future. :)

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Linda M. H. said...

Wow! I love it! You're the new Martha Stewart! Martha Stewart with a reality check and no staff.