Wednesday, August 3, 2011

today's project

I get so antsy when I'm home all day. Any other moms feel that way too? Cabin Fever sets in pretty quick. I think that I get overwhelmed by all the responsibilities of being a mom/wife/homemaker. Maybe that's why I have a really hard time when Russell takes the car in the morning and I have 9 hours of babysitting, cleaning, cooking looming ahead. So today I procrastinated all of that and spent some time sewing.

Not sewing very well... and all the finishing isn't done yet - but it's so much better than the worn out 80's alligator fabric that was on there before:

much better right? It makes me happy to make something that's colorful and cute.

I've been wishing that I could bring this UFO (that's what we call the exersaucer) out of the 80's - but I couldn't figure out how when the colors are so... 80's. :) I got so excited when I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby. Thanks to a 40% off coupon it only cost a few bucks - and the colors match perfectly.

Three cheers for putting off the laundry!!!

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