Saturday, August 13, 2011

sweet kid - 2 yrs old

Jonas is turning 2 in a couple weeks. He's looking so grown up to me lately. It's fun to see how much he's learning. He's really starting to figure out talking - and how it can make things so much easier. He's even making up his own language:

Ah-dee = Thank you.
Yo-gi-yo = Yogurt.
Hokey Pokey = LMNOP (while singing the alphabet song. Actually, most long word turn into hokey pokey.)

He has "pet" bees that have made a nest above our garage. Whenever we come home he points up to them and says "BEES!" with a big smile. Little does he know that we just bought some wasp spray and his daddy took care of the bees tonight. Hopefully this doesn't mean that we need to get a real pet as a replacement.

He's so sweet with Gwen (most of the time) he loves to give her hugs and kisses. When I get her dressed in the morning he comes over and says "Oh Cute!" She's getting old enough that she thinks he's hilarious. They'll both just laugh and laugh at random noises, and faces.

He loves Russell. When Russell leaves for work he'll stand by the garage and say "Da-Dee?" over and over. Then he'll take my phone, turn it on, unlock it, click through to my contacts, find the picture of Daddy and click on it to call him.

He LOVES cars. while we're driving he'll shout "TRUCK!" when every big truck passes. He loves to drive his little matchbox cars. He lines them up over and over in different ways. Before Russell leaves in the morning he makes Jonas a little garage out of duplos. Jonas is so careful with it all day, and drives his cars in and out.

He loves to read his books, and have them read to him. He doesn't like every book. He definitely has opinions about which book should be read just by the cover. He loves this, this, and this book. When we get to the picture "Flying over highways.", he sits and points out every car and truck. It takes a long time.

He also loves music. anything with a beat. and he loves to dance. It's the cutest thing. We have way to many videos of him dancing, just because we can't resist.

This kid's got a lot of spunk, and he's very determined. Sometimes it's frustrating, but luckily I remember my mom having the same problems with me. And I'm okay - so it calms my fears that he'll be okay too.

Every once in a while he'll come over and look up at me with those big blue eyes and say "Hug?". haha, are you kidding, little man? You can have as many hugs as you want. More than you want usually. :)

I love my little boy.

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The Dad said...

Anna, do I really get to be your Dad? You are amazing. I couldn't be more proud and grateful to have you as a daughter. You are an amazing mother. Just amazing.