Tuesday, May 3, 2011

work in progress

Well - we've moved. And it's a lot harder to get things unpacked with two kids than I had anticipated. It's turning into a pretty long process. I just dragged out a lot of boxes from the garage to move on to the next stage of unpacking. So it's a mess. But then it'll make it look even better once we're all done. So let's consider these as "before" pictures. :)

The Kitchen:

The Family/Living Room:

I am really liking all of the furniture that we got at IKEA. especially the chairs above. They're surprisingly comfortable. And you can't beat the price. Yeah, Jonas has already rubbed his dirty face on it. So it's part of the family now.

I'm not sure what Jonas is watching here - but as you can see we're all enjoying the new tv.

There's a closet under the stairs that's in the main living area and I decided to make it into a playing/reading space. I have some fun ideas and think it'll be great.

So far Jonas' favorite room is the garage. if that even counts as a room. I'm still working on getting it cleaned up - but it's looking a lot better now that I brought all the crap, I mean boxes, indoors.
Now we're at the front door, look, going upstairs...

Nice view from the stairs. Luckily Jonas hasn't realized how fun it would be to throw stuff off here yet.

Master Bedroom:
Office/Craft Room:

Jonas' Room:

Hallway looking from Jonas' room:

Elmo wearing Gwen's pants:

Gwen practicing rolling:

This is Gwen's current favorite toy. I made it for her for Easter using these as a pattern.

and there you have it. Yes, it's crazy right now as we're unpacking - but we can tell that we're going to love it here. We feel so lucky to be here. now I need to get back to work!


Grannypam said...

With every move, it would take a year to feel totally unpacked.

Dean, Andrea, Tanner, and Landon said...

HOLY COW I LOVE IT!!! Congrats!

Jen said...

Wow what a cool home you have! Can you please come over to NH and give me ideas??? or should I just steal them all from your blog?

Karen and Merrill said...

I LOVE those IKEA chairs! My parents have one and I am determined to own at least one (if not more) some day. Sadly we moved to San Antonio where the closest IKEA is 2 hours away and when I checked they didn't carry it! :( Someday....

And your home is lovely! Where did you guys move to?