Tuesday, April 19, 2011

let's be friends

I've decided that I'm sick of being threatened and afraid of people.

The fashionable looking mom whose kids' clothes fit, match and are clean all at the same time.

The Insurance Broker that I'm supposed to call to correct my kids' heights because I was way off.

The leering 40 year old man at Wal-Mart wearing cut-offs, a cheeto-stained wifebeater and a handlbar mustache.

Okay... maybe that last one's a little justified. Then again... maybe not.

But honestly. We're all just people. Everyone's got problems and weaknesses they're trying to deal with. I'm not sure why I assume that everyone has it all figured out and I'm the only one who's struggling and insecure. Sheesh. I'm 24. I thought I'd have all this stuff figured out by now. I guess I'll just keep trying.


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