Friday, April 8, 2011

another day, another mess

I woke up early this morning to take care of Jonas and Gwen. I decided that I should try to be a normal person and take a shower. I knew that Jonas would need some entertainment so I gave him part of his cool new easter toy to keep him entertained, set out food, turned on his favorite music and turned over all the chairs hoping that would keep him from climbing... I swear. I was only in there for ten minutes.

sigh. I'm thinking I'm just going to turn this blog into a catalog of messes - that way whenever my house is semi-clean, I can look at these pictures and consider it an accomplishment.

We're going through paper towels pretty quickly these days. Luckily he'd already broken this pot in half yesterday. I was going to try to glue it back together, but I think we're past that now.

I'm pretty frustrated today. Taking pictures is my attempt to see the humor in it. But it's hard to laugh about it when Jonas and Gwen scream the whole time I clean it up. And then Jonas just keeps screaming after that - and nothing I do seems to help him. I guess I've just got to keep trying - because really, I don't have any other options, right?


Dean, Andrea, Tanner, and Landon said...

Oh Anna! Hang in there. I'm sure it gets better eventually...I'm still waiting to find out! ;)

Jen said...

I think our kids would be such good friends. I feel like all I did today was clean up spills! I counted them and I'm up to 8. Not just little ones either- intentionally pouring of milk jug is the worst.
As for the chairs upside down, we finally started stacking them 2X2 or putting them on top of the table or counter just to try and keep our youngest from turning them over and climbing!
And last unattended shower resulted in grape jelly all over the floor. So yes, I feel your pain!!!

cori said...

Sounds like time to get out of the house! Hopefully spring will get itself together so that you guys can play outside. Let Jonas take on mother nature instead of you :)

Delys said...

Suddenly I'm realizing maybe boy and girl toddlers are far Katelyn is not a climber. Phew... Although chances are Gwen will be a climber because Jonas will show her all of his tricks. I'm so excited to meet Gwen and see what Katie and Jonas think of each other!

June said...

I feel your pain Anna! I've ended up taking the high chair into the bathroom with me if I decided to try and take a quick shower. I have a friend that has a basket of toys that only come out when she is on the phone or in the bathroom. Maybe try that? If all else fails, a mess is sometimes worth a long overdue shower. :)