Thursday, March 10, 2011

no fear

I'm not really a tattoo kinda girl... and if I were I probably wouldn't need this tattoo as a reminder. But I really like this. I need to make this my new motto.

and on a similar note - this song is kinda ridiculous - but it's stuck in my head. probably for good reason too. I usually try to stay away from songs that are too sincere/bordering on cheesy. but this has a banjo in it so I'll allow it. cause what's more tongue-in-cheek than a banjo? right Dad?

**Edit - turns out that no fear is the well-known slogan of a motorcross/extreme sports company, as Russell was so nice to point out to me. Kids, that's why you don't get tattoos.**


The Dad said...

The only thing that will beat a banjo is an accordion . . . or bagpipes . . .

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