Friday, March 11, 2011

diy cut out name art tutorial... thing...

I made this. it's kinda cool. it was really cheap.

hmmm... kinda cool and really cheap, does anyone feel a tutorial coming on? I do.

Russell found this at DI for a few bucks, and we thought the frame was nice so we brought it home (um, but we paid for it first). His mom saw it sitting in our living room and wondered what we were thinking decorating with ugly coffee art. Yeah, I would wonder too.

I used this image (found somewhere in a mass of google image searches) and tiled it in Illustrator, trying to create a cohesive pattern. Then typed Hansen over it and printed it out onto two 8/12 x 11's in bw.

I taped those papers to some 8 1/2 x 11 craft foam and went to town with my dull exacto knife.
I used a glue stick and lazily glued the foam onto the coffee cup image. I should have done a better job at gluing. as you'll see later. (dun, dun, DUN! foreshadowing)

Here's a random shot of Jonas acting as saboteur. And yes, that is a package of diapers sitting on top of a pile of groceries in the back ground. Yes, it always looks like that. I've thrown in the towel and am planning to be more organized at our next place. The pantry will help tremendously. Back to work:

I painted the seam where the two sheets of foam meet with acrylic to try to seal it up so that it wouldn't show up after I spray painted it. Which went terribly by the way:

It curled up all over the place. I was a lazy gluer. So I decided to paint it all with acrylic paint, not only to help to seal it down, but also because I like the way it kind of blurs the edges of my rough cut job.

I decided to paint our name in a light gray to add some interest. But I'm still not sure that was the best call. I think I might like the subtle plain white better. But I'm lazy, so gray it is, and gray it will stay.

I couldn't get the glass out of the frame, so I slipped in a couple pieces of paper to cover the glass while I spray-painted the splotchy frame black. (the textured look wasn't bad, just not what I was going for).

I got a 99 cent can of matte black spray paint at walmart. Jonas and I went outside. He barked at the dogs next door while I tried to be patient and do several even light coats of paint.

Put it together and what have you got?

a name in a frame.

I'm still not sure how pleased I am with the results. Meh. it works. not quite what I pictured. It turned out looking a little more traditional than I was planning. Kinda reminds me of something you'd bring home from a RS Super Saturday thing. Not that that's bad... What am I saying. i'm tired.

The place we're moving to has tan walls, otherwise I think that some yellow would have been involved in this. Is it just me or do yellow and tan just sound terrible together?

I'm gonna let it sit and see how it I like it in our new place in its spot over the pantry before I decide to take it apart and change something. But I do like the potential of the foam cut-out idea so I still wanted to share it. I like how the foam gives it a 3-d effect and it almost looks like a wood carving in real life.

Which reminds me, my father in law has a machine that cuts digital images into wood with a laser that would have done all my cutting for me in 10 minutes. Dang. And I could have done it in wood and stained it or something. Bah! All these could-have's and should-have's. When those start popping up it's a sure sign that it's past my bedtime.


Skye said...

This is cool! You are so creative!

Linda M. H. said...

Wow! I love it! At first I thought it was embossed.

Lauren said...

i think i am going to try and make one. i love it