Tuesday, March 1, 2011


In ev'ry job that must be done
There is an element of fun
You find the fun and snap!
The job's a game
And ev'ry task you undertake
Becomes a piece of cake
I've decided that Mary Poppins is my role model. Okay, maybe not. I mean who says that they are "practically perfect in every way" ? Come on. But she does have some good points. I was watching it with Jonas today and I realized that the only reason why I hate and dread cleaning so much is because of my perspective. Just like little Jane and Michael, when they look up confused at Mary Poppins and say "uh, cleaning's fun?".

I've convinced myself that I just can't do it because it's too hard with both my kids and we have too much stuff and nowhere to put it. While there are elements of truth in that, it is also skewed. It really is fun to make something nice by cleaning it, and I have some time in the day that I could use to clean and some place to put the stuff (even if it's in a box marked "DI").

I've also been focusing too much on how being a mom is hard. Yeah, it is hard. But it's also really great. Just look at these cute little people that I get to be with all the time.

Jonas loves to pull off Gwen's socks and then try to put them back on. Which means that we end up having socks all over the floor for a good portion of the time. And it also means that Gwen's feet tend to be cold and I get nervous leaving her on the floor or anywhere that Jonas can reach her.

But it's also really fun and cute to see Jonas playing with her even though she's so little. He likes to hold her hand in the car when they're both buckled in their seats. He'll come up and give her kisses and try to tickle her. While there are some hard things about it, I'm so glad that they have each other and they'll get to grow up together.

So Jonas just dumped his plate of crackers/goldfish/raisins all over the floor. Let's see where I can find the fun in this. haha, now he's picking them all up and putting them back. He's taking this game thing to heart. Let's just hope he thinks it's still fun until they're all picked up. Oh, yep. He picked them all up, but then he dumped them out again and left them that way. Apparantely the funnest part is the dumping. Okay, time to go be a mom.


Lauren said...

i love seeing jonas holding gwen's hand. and deep thoughts on the fun thing. i think the biggest battles in life are all fought within our own minds and no one can fight them for us.

The Dad said...

Spring is coming, all nature agrees with your happy thoughts! do you remember Matthew lying down next to Emma when they were similar ages to Jonas and Gwen. He would gently rub her hand and sing, "you make me happy when skies aw dray", love dispels the gray clouds!
love Mom