Tuesday, February 8, 2011

lame. to the max.

Russell's had a stressful time lately. Last semester at byu, sending out resumes, interviewing, etc. but mostly dealing with a hormonal wife (it makes it easier if I blame my craziness on hormones). That, coupled with the fact that we are getting an uh-mazing tax return made me decide to splurge a little bit and get Russell a surprise valentines day gift that would also double as a graduation present:He has free two-day shipping on his amazon account so we both use the same account. it's standard procedure, when I buy something for him, to tell him not to read the amazon notification e-mails. I can usually get in there to delete the purchase confirmation before the sees it, but for the shipping confirmation e-mail he's just supposed turn a blind eye and archive it immediately. It usually works out great, because amazon doesn't include any details in the subject heading. I'm also really sneaky and go in and delete the view history and click on some decoy gifts so that, when he is on the main amazon page, it doesn't give it away.

Unfortunately, Russell just got an e-mail with the subject reading "Amazon Kindle Support". He just turned and kinda looked at me and said "I just got an e-mail from amazon... ... ..."

(push the play button to feel the full effect of my despair)

dang. serious bummer. I even had great plans of hollowing out a section of a book and wrapping the kindle up inside as a decoy gift. Poor Russell - didn't know whether to act excited or sorry that my surprise was ruined. He shared a required mourning period with me, and now he's been looking up kindle stuff online ever since. At least he's really gonna like it.


Somehow sharing my pain on here makes me feel better. I can stop crying now.


The Dad said...

I remember one Christmas when Mom got me a drill for my birthday and something else for Christmas. Grandma Haskell looked at me on Christmas Day (the day before my birthday) and said "How did you like your drill?" Mom kind of looked at me with this funny expression, and Grandma was pretty embarrassed.

Russell said...

best wife ever!!!

not just because of the kindle :)

Lyndsay Budge said...

I TOTALLY feel your pain!! This happens to me all too often. It is so disappointing when a surprise is ruined. Somehow the idea "it's the thought that counts" just doesn't comfort in these situations. :) But I'm glad he still likes the gift.