Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I don't wanna grow up

I've been realizing that my time is up. I can't be a kid anymore. The grace period is over and I need to actually become a parent now. Jonas has been throwing some tantrums. And by some I mean a lot. And by a lot I mean all the time. Can't really blame him. He's teething, got a cold, has a new little sister, and a mom who's tired and out of ideas.

I'm learning that I need to change my parenting style. I need to be more proactive instead of reactive. If I give him a lot of attention in the morning and direct his energy to interesting things then he's so much happier all day. And then he doesn't take out his energy on emptying the garbage, laundry baskets, cupboards, and drawers in an infinite racing round.

I've been reading up on different ideas online and here's a few that I've found and want to keep track of:

Why tantrums happen, how to deal with and prevent them.(this has some realistic and helpful ideas)

routine, responsibilities for toddlers, getting out.

Bedtime ideas: bedtime routine chart, tape trick (no, it's not just duct taping them to the bed every night. although that would work.)

Toddler Game Ideas: movement and music, random (including virtual zoo), family fun

Distracting babies while you cook.

reminder to enjoy it while they're young.

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