Sunday, February 27, 2011

diy text on canvas tutorial

I'm starting to work on some things that I want to put up in our new apartment. This one was at the top of my list. We'll see if I'll be able to get any more done. Probably not, but maybe.

I found this painted canvas at DI for $1 and my mom already had the foam letters. I was planning on buying a couple 8 1/2 x 11 foam sheets and just cutting out the letters - but this was easier and cheaper - especially since I don't have a car.

I laid out the letters and eyeballed distances. I couldn't find my ruler so I used this notebook to make the lines straight. Plain old Elmer's glue to put them on. If I did this again I would use more glue to make sure the edges were glued down tight.

Then let the letters dry.

I used acrylic paint because it's what I had - but I think that spray paint would be MUCH easier.
I used my mom-in-law's foam paintbrush (thanks!) and did a good solid first coat and waited for it to dry to try another one.

But as it was drying some of the colors of the foam started to bleed through. So I tried another coat.
For some reason the purple foam kept dyeing the paint. And every time I let it dry and tried painting over it, it would just get it wet again and bring the dye up to the new layer of paint.

So I had an idea to use clear fingernail polish to act as a seal for the letters so that i could finally get some white paint on there. It made them more pink at first, but after it dried and I painted over it again, it finally started to work. (yeah, I think spray paint or using white foam would make this whole process much easier)

another layer on those fussy letters, a red hear period and voila:

I love the simplicity of the white, but that texture of the letters make it interesting, but subdued.

This song has been running over and over in my head since I've done this. So if you decide to do it too, make sure to use a phrase/song that you really like. Dang, I should have done a scripture or something then it would pretty much have been automatically memorized by me and my family. Oh well, at least these lyrics have a good message.

I like it so much, I kinda wanna do another one. But I guess too much of a good thing... isn't... good. Maybe if I do something similiar for the kids room and make it colored then it won't be too redundant. I think I might!


Dean, Andrea, Tanner, and Landon said...

Seriously love this. I'll have to think of one for my house!

Lauren said...

i love that...definitely an improvement from that winter scene. and i like the phrase you chose to do. maybe you should do a companion one quoting dad, "but it sure can buy a lot of other stuff."