Friday, January 14, 2011

wish I knew how to knit

Crocheting is great for baby projects - but to me knitting has always seemed like it creates actual clothes. Not just something that ends up looking homemade. Knitting always looks professional to me. And maybe that's because I have no idea how to do it. Once I figure it out, maybe it won't seem as mysterious.

I'm not sure how hard this stitch would actually be, but I think this Herringbone Cowl looks amazing. I want one.

Maybe not one so big, but I think this stitch is really interesting and fancy looking. Plus cowls are fun. :)

If I knew how to knit I would also make these fingerless gloves. I hate having my fingers covered - so these would be perfect for me. I would wear them all the time, for driving, in the house... and that about sums up all of my activities right there.

I guess that I could wear them to the beach too, like the above glamorous woman. But Utah beach isn't quite the same. That reminds me of a time that Russell and I went down to the lake and were walking on the beach. There was a bride getting her bridals taken out in the water. And before we knew what happened she had taken off her dress and was getting some pretty racy undies pictures taken. We hightailed it out of there and as we were walking to our car we passed the woman who was holding her dress, whom I'm guessing was her mom, and heard her say "a white trash beach for a white trash wedding." haha. yep.

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