Sunday, January 9, 2011

variations on a theme

I saw these cool looking pencil rolls here and they reminded me of these great kid versions:

bunting crayon roll

cozy car caddy

When I first saw these about a year ago - I kinda thought they were a little silly. "Why would a baby need his crayons or cars to be so organized?". And I dismissed it as something for OCD moms who have clean diaper bags. But now that Jonas is a year older I think he would love these! His favorite part about coloring is getting out the crayons and putting them back. That would probably only be compounded by adding little pockets for them. Another quick and easy project to add to the list.

(I also kinda want to make the top one for my special chalk colored pencils. Not that it's really more practical than the container they're in now... Just so much cooler.)

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Grannypam said...

Looks kinda like what I use for crochet hooks.