Wednesday, January 5, 2011

our new family

When Jonas saw Gwen for the first time he smiled really big, said "Baby!" and then in one fast swoop ripped off her hat. He tried going right back in for the bows but Russell and I got him first (notice Russell holding his arm in this picture?). That's about the extent of Jonas's interest. Pulling hats off or ripping binkies out. Sometimes I'll forget that I need to watch for that. Jonas will sidle up to us all sweet and smiling and then before I know what's happened he'll be on the other side of the room with her binky in his mouth and a triumphant grin on his face. haha, I love that little punk.

The couple days we spent at the hospital went really well. Russell was able to stay with me the whole time. I recovered amazingly well. I was shocked. I thought that my recovery last time was particularly crappy, and turns out I was right. :) This time I didn't break my tail bone, I was hardly swollen, hardly bleeding. No stitches, no infections, no bleeding out of places that aren't supposed to bleed. I could get up and walk right after delivery. Gwen latched on really well and had no trouble eating. phew. What a breeze. Well, as much as recovery can be a breeze. We were still tired. I was still sore and cramping, but that's gotta happen when you get a baby from the inside to the outside.

Look at her dimples! see it? sheesh. so cute.

Russell's such a good Daddy. It's so so fun to see him with her. She's got him wrapped around her little finger already. That's the way it's supposed to be with daddies and daughters. I love it.

Gwen's cousin Lily, who beat her here by 6 weeks, came to say hi. It's amazing what a difference 6 weeks makes! haha, kind of a funny picture. It's possible to get a good picture of one baby, but two? forget about it.

Now we're a family of 4. 4! amazing. We're so grown up now, Russell. Or at least I think we're supposed to be. Still trying to figure out what that means. I'll let you know when I do.

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Lauren said...

Hmm..."grown up" means that you pretend to be mature in front of all of the people who you view as "grown up," even though you couldn't say what makes them grown up. Cute pictures - Gwen will be putting on the pounds and catching up to Lily in no time.