Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the other guy

Jonas has seemed like such a big boy since we brought Gwen home. Before he was a baby. Now he's a kid. He's so much fun. He's really getting into climbing, and well... everything. He's so smart that he can get around any blockades we put up. He loves to read all of his books and often pulls out his whole drawer of books and reads them all in one sitting (it's a lot of books probably 30+). As you can see from the picture he likes to store food like a chipmunk for winter.

He stashes binkies places so that he can find one when we don't want him to have one. He's so stubborn and independent that it makes me crazy - But I also love it because it reminds me of me. He gets frustrated pretty easily sometimes. Like when he's trying to put duplos together, knows that it worked last time, and can't figure out why it's not working THIS time. Which, is actually also a lot like me. :)

His first christmas was a lot of fun. Russell and I were really excited to give him all of his presents. We went in and woke him up - brought him out and expected him to go play with his new tent and crawl tunnel that we had set up. Jonas got really excited and ran through the kitchen straight to where the graham crackers are, and did his "I want some!" dance. haha. It took him quite a few graham crackers before he would even look at anything else. Oh well. At least he got excited about something!

He did eventually see the tent and it took him a little bit but he likes the crawl tunnel too. Russell demonstrated how it worked, but I think it just scared him when Russell's head poked out the other side.

He also got a train set that he'll grow into, elmo pajamas, lots of books, some other toys and things from family, and finally a baby sister! Even though that present came a couple of days late, and he doesn't really get to play with it for a couple of months. :)

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Lauren said...

i'm so excited for Lily (I accidentally wrote "Gwen" at first...can't keep our babies straight) to get older and I'm sure it'll come soon enough. I love the chipmunk picture - one CUTE boy.