Tuesday, January 4, 2011

gwen's labor & delivery

If love were measured by sheer volume of pictures on one's blog (ha) then people would probably think that I was a pretty heartless new mom. We can't have that, can we? I love my new baby to pieces. And to prove it I'm going to blow you all out of the water with a million pictures. Get ready. Here they come!

Because of the crazy itchies (technically cholestasis) my dr and we decided that it would be best to induce me at 38 weeks. I was kind of torn at first - because I know it's generally best to let a baby sit in your uncomfortable stretched-to-the-max belly until they decide that they're good and ready to come out. But Cholestasis increases the chance of still birth in the last couple weeks of gestation so we decided to get induced. Plus I got induced with Jonas and everything went well so I had confidence in my body's reaction. Plus I was freaking miserable.

On monday morning we got a call from the hospital saying that they were ready for us to come in around 11-noon. We dropped off Jonas at Grandma Tyler's, did some last minute packing and cleaning, and were off! It was a beautiful day, no snow on the ground, party cloudy, partly sunny, the best you could ask for in december.

When we got to the hospital we were shown to the deluxe presidential suite of delivery rooms. Seriously! Check this baby out!

We had full windows on two walls. From my bed I could see over the whole valley. What a great place to have a baby.

They hooked me up to the petocin around noon. The contractions started right off at about 2 minutes apart and started getting pretty hard pretty fast. To distract me from the pain we played Phase 10 with only 1 rule: Russell had to let me win. He did a good job at holding back placing cards until I had my sets. At one point he started complaining about how cold/hot it was in the room. I just looked at him and said "Russell, I'm in labor having artificially hard contractions every two minutes with no epidural..." haha, he stopped complaining after that and just kept passing me my cards from the draw pile. :)

The anesthesiologist made it to us around 3 and things were GREAT after that. It was the greatest thing ever. the AF hospital is really good at doing epidurals where you can still move your legs and feel pressure, but the pain was just gone. After that we just sat there looking at the contractions going up and down like magic on the monitor and watching the clouds and cars go by. I was progressing really well, and we almost didn't believe it when my nurse and dr said that we would probably have the baby around 5:30. Sure enough 5:30 rolled around and I was almost to a 10.

We watched the most beautiful sunset from our windows and just waited for her to be ready to come. I think she was having second thoughts about this whole thing at the end, because the contractions slowed down and I stopped progressing. I could feel the pressure lessening and I started getting worried. "You can't change your mind baby! No backing out now!" Turns out the catheter was slowing her down (too much information?). Once they took that out, she came down hard, tons of pressure. The dr came in, they got everything ready and with four short pushes back to back she was here!

It was kind of surprising when she was born because she was covered with tons of vernix. Jonas was way overdue, so it was all pretty much gone by his delivery, but since she was 2 weeks early she still had tons. She was so tiny and had such a cute little cry. The first thing the nurses said was "Wow, she has really long toes!" Then they looked over at my feet that were still in the stirrups and it all made sense. :) Sorry Gwen. At least you'll be sure-footed.

Russell and I couldn't stop staring at her and we kept saying over and over how cute she was. Even being brand new, still covered with muck, and swollen from delivery, her features seemed so delicate and sweet.

This is when we realized that she had dimples. They are the cutest things ever! Just these two round chubby little cheeks and when she makes the right face these two little dimples appear out of nowhere. As soon as we saw them for the first time Russell said "Oh no, she's gonna get whatever she wants." Haha, I know from experience that dads are made twice as pliable by dimples. If you play it right and you're subtle about it Gwen, you'll do well.

Everything went amazingly well. Birth is such an amazing thing. One minute you're pregnant, and the next you're not, and you have a little baby in your arms. We love you Gwen. We're so glad and happy that you're here and safe!

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Lauren said...

so glad everything went well and that recovery has been so much better.