Wednesday, January 26, 2011

elmo pillow

I felt like we needed to change up the decor in the living room a little bit - so I've decided to go for the sesame street theme.

just kidding. Jonas is going to be moving into a toddler bed at the end of the week and I've tried to come up with a few things to sweeten the deal a little bit. So far I've "baby-proofed" his room (if there is such a thing) and set up his reading tent from make it more toddler friendly and sewn this fun little pillow.

Wanna make one too? It was really easy. The hardest part is getting both of the babies to sleep so that you can sew. Don't have two babies? Then this will be a breeze!
- I took this image and printed it out enlarged on a normal sheet of paper (b&w, save money).
- Laid the paper on the different colors of felt and cut it out while we watched a show last night.
- 1 Red face, 2 White eyes, 1 Orange nose, 1 Black mouth and 2 Black eye pieces. Check.
- Cut out the fabric for the pillowcase. (I used a soft jersey, which made it a little hard to sew, but extra cuddly.)
- Pinned Elmo to the front piece of the pillow case.
- Felt a little sinister sticking pins into Elmo's face but got over it.
- Borrowed colored thread from a gracious mother-in-law.
- Sewed Elmo onto the fabric using the corresponding colored thread with a tight zig-zag.
- Sewed the pillow case right sides together.
- Turned inside out and Viola! Elmo's smiling face on a pillow

(PS - I left an opening in the back similar to this tutorial so that the pillow case can be easily removed and washed.)

(PPS - sorry, these crappy pictures will have to do. We can't find the real camera. I think Jonas is behind it.)


Dean, Andrea, Tanner, and Landon said...

Wow that's cute! Maybe I'll have to try something like it someday if I can ever get both my kids to sleep at the same time! ;)

Abigail said...

That's awesome! it looks so professional. It's also just really cute :)
-abby mary and mom :)