Thursday, January 13, 2011

the clock's ticking

I've realized that Gwen's going to grow out of her bassinet and be ready for a crib in about 3 months. (ah!) Which means that we've got to either get another crib - or get a big boy bed for Jonas. I hate to do anything that messes with his sleep. We've got a good thing going right now that took a lot of work to get established. But money and space (oh man, how are we gonna fit anything else in that room?) make me want to give the toddler bed a shot. I've been looking into it a lot online and these are my favorite options.

The above is an awesome handmade upholstered bed by Design Mom (tutorial here). I really like the idea of being able to choose the fabric, and it looks modern and clean. It's really cheap at about $40 for the materials. The only thing that gives me pause is no guard rail (which can be added of course but that only adds to the cost) and the effort involved in collecting the materials and making it.

This one was made for only $20 and it looks pretty sturdy and useable. I actually really like the simple clean lines, a little paint and it would be great.
This Jenny Lind Bed is $70 and matches my changing table and gets great reviews. I like it... but it's just a little girly, isn't it. Yeah. okay.
And finally, the above is $59, matches the crib that I have, and also gets great reviews.

Now comes the trouble of how to get him to stay IN it. That's going to be one delicate operation that will take a lot of careful planning and preparation. This article had some helpful ideas. I thought that the above was a good idea, putting both rails on one side.

If anyone's made it this far and is still reading :) - do you have any advice? How old were your kids when you upgraded to a big boy bed? Any tips?


Dean, Andrea, Tanner, and Landon said...

Tanner climbed out of his crib at 15 months so we had to upgrade WAY earlier than I was planning or prepared for. It definitely took some adjusting since he could get out of his bed, but he never really does anymore so it just takes some time I think. We put up a child gate at his bedroom door for a while so he at least stayed in is room. Good luck...transitions are never fun...especially involving sleep(or lack of it)!

cori said...

Hillary has been in her toddler bed for 8-10 months now and still ends up on the foot freezing lots of nights. Don't ask me why, she is my only kid to have this problem, so I vote for both rails on one side. We stuff a big bolster pillow in the gap but she just kicks it out. Good luck. Also, I would suggest making the transition asap so that you aren't having him sleep in the crib one night and Gwen the next.

cori said...

Make that on the floor. Auto correct does my head in.

Grannypam said...

I have a toddler bed you can use for free.