Sunday, May 30, 2010

things are looking up

The last couple weeks have been pretty rough. It got to the point where Jonas had been sick and super fussy for so long I thought I couldn't take it - we'd been to the doctor 4 times (which is no small thing when you don't have a car and the dr is a half hour away), and he'd had really bad earaches, 4 teeth coming in, sleepless nights, days of holding and bouncing, high fevers, huge rashes, and a drug allergy. I thought that he was never going to be happy again. Well... I was wrong. he's been SO happy the last few days. It's been great.

He's really starting to be able to move around and do more things. I think that might be the reason that he seems happier than he's ever been.

Yeah, he's crying in this one, but that's because we kept pulling stuff away from him. I'd probably cry too.

(the picture is from Jillenny's wedding. Thanks you guys. :) )

is it just me...

... or does this remind you of this:

No thanks Huggies, no thanks.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Jonas has been sick, I've been sick, Russell hasn't been sick... but I didn't get any cooking or cleaning done. At all. All week. With the exception of Hamburger Helper for dinner tonight, which was pretty disgusting. blech. never again.

But we did go to the Provo's Farmers Market on Saturday with Jon & Lauren and it was a lot of fun and really nice to get out after being holed up in the screaming sick dungeon. Then we saw Alice in Wonderland that night and were happily surprised (when you have low expectations, you're not too demanding and appreciate the good instead of being overly critical) (hmmm... that's a pretty negative approach isn't it).

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

spot saved

Kinda funny. Downloadable Template here.

Monday, May 17, 2010

stiving to be responsible

Sometimes I feel pretty bad for Russell. I don't think that he knew what he was getting into when he married me. I'm not a good cleaner (but I do hate it, and get grouchy, when it's messy), I'm inconsistent when it comes to cooking, and when I'm hungry I turn into a monster. I'm going to try to make a few steps forward this week by sticking to my cleaning and dinner plan, and hopefully thereby preventing the monster transformation. I have plans to try some pretty good recipes. Hopefully I actually do it. I'll try to hold myself accountable by posting the ones that turn out on here. Now I feel like I'm writing one of those "Sorry I haven't written in so long" journal entries. bah. ending now.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Whenever I see "A Baby Story" on tv I kinda roll my eyes a little bit. I don't know why, but that show weirds me out. I know a lot of women who like to watch it when their pregnant but it just freaked me out. And I can't imagine sharing your delivery day and first days as parents with a camera crew.

I kind of had the same reaction when I first saw all these birth stories being posted on Design Mom... but despite myself I started reading... and I haven't stopped. There's something about them being in written form that makes it seem less intrusive. And seriously, being born is a really big deal, and it always makes a good story.

My friend Andrea just had a baby and her story's kinda scary, but everything turned out great and she got a seriously adorable baby out of it. After I had Jonas I was so bugged by all the nurses checking up on me. They'd come in to just check on me, not Jonas, every few hours, waking me up and everything. It made me pretty crazy at the time - but Andrea's story helps me to understand why... and now i feel a little bad about being so annoyed at the nurses. I'll try to be a little understanding next time around. But I'm still high-tailing it out of the hospital as soon as I can.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

can I get a hallelujah

Jonas slept straight, continuously, without waking up from 6:30 pm until 5:45 am. That's 11 hours and 15 minutes. That's definitely a new record. And then, he even went back to sleep again until 7:30 am. It's a miracle.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

a happy weekend + haircut

It's been a great weekend. Four friends got married, mother's day, my brother & sister-in-law from boston are in town, Jonas getting 4 teeth on top (okay, that part hasn't been so great), nice weather, And I have a new haircut. It's been getting progressively shorter, but I think that I'm at a good stopping point now. Even though it's been a fun weekend, phew, it's been crazy. I'm ready for a boring day at home.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

momma's boy

I love this kid.

Friday, May 7, 2010

my chevron wall - before & after

These are not the best pictures - and it's still kinda messy in here - but it shows a couple things I've done to try and make it a little more cheerful and exciting in here.


It was just such a dark room. everything felt stuffy and cluttered. there wasn't enough light and the dark paintings just kinda sucked the life out of me.


I didn't change the layout because it just works so well for us, even though it's jam-packed. That's what comes with a little apartment i guess.

I got the mirrors and frames at DI and spray painted them.

I made the zig-zags with contact paper and this tutorial. I made it a little cheaper by just cutting strips and then placing them individually so that I didn't waste any contact paper. Yes, it was a freaking pain to do it that way. Then covered the wooden shelf/thing with fabric using liquid starch and this tutorial. It'll all come off completely and easily when we leave.

This is an oil painting I'm working on - it's drying on the wall because we got sick of it being on the kitchen table. Hopefully I get it finished evenutally. I still have more plans for the room and it's kind of a constant effort to keep the wires at bay. But it's already way brighter in here and it feels nice to have a change.

Cost? 4 Mirrors $15. 1 frame $5. 3 rolls Contact Paper $9. Fabric $4. For a grand total of: $33. Dang, I thought it would be less than that. oh well. could have been much worse.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May the Fourth be with you

Okay, cheesy, i know. But it's Star Wars Day! And we can't just ignore that. I think that we're definitely going to be watching this tonight. Lost is just going to have to wait.


and does anyone remember this?

Monday, May 3, 2010

mother's day & kid stuff links

Super cute felt DIY Mother's Day corsage here.

Homemade Card with hidden seeds in the paper so it grows flowers when you plant it here.

The motherload of maternity tutorials here (no, I'm not pregnant).

Cute little girl clothes here... someday...

Awesome kids book Robot Zot here.

This one looks fun too, the Mysterious Benedict Society here.

Such a great idea, road tape here.
Completely random, but funny here.

Saturday, May 1, 2010