Wednesday, December 1, 2010

easy paper christmas decorations

This garland is so cute. I was going to do this for Jonas' room a year ago - but the big circle hole punchers were more expensive than I was willing to pay. It's still really tempting though. I'll use a circle hole puncher all the time right?... uh... right? yeah, I dunno.

Mod Simplistic Christmas tree cards

Modern looking onion ornament things. (sorry, I shouldn't have brought onions into this. Somehow calling them that makes them not as cute.)

Simple Christmas trees out of old magazines.


amanda/dave said...

love the ideas. I'm making the circle garland for a friend's bridal shower. I printed out circles on cardstock and cut them out. it doesn't take as long as it sounds...and it's a lot cheaper!

Karen and Merrill said...

I love all the cool ideas you post Anna! I hope you and your family are doing well!