Tuesday, December 7, 2010

diy boy clothes

For some reason it never occured to me that I could make boy clothes until I've been making things for Gwen. And then I remember, "oh yeah! I have another kid. I could do something for him too.". Some things are just more trouble than their worth. But I liked these tutorials and am thinking about attempting them one of these days.

Above - cute monster applique. (I like monsters)

the "90 minute shirt".

Sweater vest. (not a huge fan of the colors on this, but the idea of taking a large ugly man's sweater and making a cute little vest is something I'm totally up for.)


cori said...

Hey Anna, you should check out the monster stockings my sister made her kids, poppiesatplay.globally.com. Merry Christmas!

cori said...

That should have said poppiesatplay.blogspot.com. Sometimes auto correct drives me crazy.