Saturday, December 11, 2010

diy advent calendar

Well, I made an advent calendar that'll hopefully be fun for the kids through the years... because, frankly, I'm sick to death of looking at it. It took longer than I was planning and now that it's done all I can think about is that I wish that I would have used white felt instead of cream. what the heck was I thinking?

You know when you work on something for too long and then all you can see are the little flaws? I've got a pretty bad case of that. I shoulda pinned on the rows before I sewed it together. I should iron it... meh. Can you tell that I'm a little crafted out?

To make this I just basically winged it. I cut the tree shape out of green and cream felt, leaving a trunk on the cream so I could attach the brown felt onto it. I sewed the velcro squares onto the green felt, and then lined the back with cream so that it would look nice and clean from behind (which is important as you can clearly see. I mean, what would the door be thinking right now if it could see all those sewing lines?!) I used mardi gras beads as the garland and just stitched the end of each strand on by hand. When it was hung up it curled into itself because of the garland, so I used kitchen skewers I had as stabilizers. I sewed three sets of horizontal parallel lines in the tiers of the tree and cut a little hole in the cream liner from behind and pushed in the skewers. I'm actually pretty proud of that. Pretty resourceful of me huh!

For the ornaments I cut out the shapes in the assorted color and cream lining felts. I sewed the velcro square onto the lining then sewed the the front and back together, embellishing as I went.

I still haven't finished all of the ornaments. It's been a few days where all I need are a few more left. I just keep thinking I'll get the motivation from somewhere. Meh. I'll finish them eventually.

For this part I cut out a giant rectangle out of red and cream lining. I sewed them together and put skewer pockets in the top and the bottom for stability. Then I cut out strips of cream and green for the pockets.

For the numbers I printed and cut out 0-9 in a font that I liked, and traced them onto the cream felt with a washable fabric marker. Then I cut along the lines (I used special spring-loaded scissors that my mother-in-law had and they were soooo nice). I laid the cream on top of the green and sewed them together along the top of the strips with red thread. Then I sewed around each number which is insanity. I did it because I could picture little fingers in the future trying to rip it apart and I thought that it would be more durable - but it took FOREVER. Lastly, I sewed the strips onto the red felt with red string, sewing pocket dividers as I went.

Phew. Well, it was a lot of work, but it was fun to be able to create something and figure things out on my own. And hey! Now it's done and I've got it forever! Hopefully our kids will like it as the years go by.

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Dean, Andrea, Tanner, and Landon said...

SUPER cute! I'd say it was worth the effort.