Monday, December 6, 2010

christmas wishlist

It's funny how times change. I remember a few years ago, (wait, hold on, almost 5 years ago. sheesh. I'm getting old.) I was talking to a married friend and she was saying that she and her husband weren't really getting eachother any christmas presents that year. I thought that was so sad, that they really must be poor, and that it had to be really hard on them.

Now I'm the young married wife/mom and honestly, I'd rather spend money on the kids than myself 9 times out of 10. Christmas really isn't about presents for me anymore. It's about presents for them, being together as a family etc. and chocolate. I guess some things never change. :) But if I were going to get a fun, unnecessary present for myself, I think it might be these Toms. Plus it's like donating a pair of shoes to charity at the same time. Talk about Christmas spirit right?

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Katie said...

These are amazing, and ridiculously comfortable. I wore them around Disneyland for 5 days earlier this year-not one blister.