Friday, December 10, 2010

$1 stockings

When Russell and I were first married we bought a couple of these stockings at Target for $1, planning on upgrading to something nicer later when I had more of an idea what I wanted for more permanent stockings.

Last year Jonas had just been born and we kinda... ahem... didn't get him a stocking.

This year we found the same stockings at Target for the same price so we got a couple more and I made them a little nicer and more personal by stitching our names on them.

I printed out our names using my favorite Lobster font. Then put the print-outs underneath the fabric and used a washable fabric marker to trace over the lines. Then just stitched away. It was actually a pretty quick, fun and satisfying project. And you can't get a better price, so I'm happy with how it turned out.

When Emma (my 6 yr old sister) saw them, she said that I messed up and I got the colors wrong. "Red should go with red and green should go with green." oops. Sorry Emma.

Gwen won't be here for Christmas - but we found out that because of my crazy third trimester itching I'm going to be induced on Dec. 27th. Ah! I don't know whether to be scared or excited, relieved or worried. I'll just cover all my bases and be a complicated emotional wreck.
And there you have it. $1 stockings.

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