Saturday, November 13, 2010

thanksgiving roundup

I don't really have any kids that are old enough to get excited about holidays yet - but a year or two from now and this stuff is going to come in handy. I could make this stuff now, but Russell would probably just look at me funny, ask me why I was sticking candy corn in cookies, and then ask why we don't eat vegetables more. But, someday, our kids are going to love this stuff. You just wait and see Russell... you just wait and see.

Above is a cute little paper mayflower that you could use as namecards or just for fun.

Oreo Turkeys

Turkey Cupcakes

Cookie Pilgrim Hats

My friend Andrea does Thankful Turkeys every year with her kids. Such a great idea! She has a downloadable template here.

I think this would also be a good template to do a Thankful Turkey. Or you could do what Martha says and use it for Thanksgiving Trivia.

I already have a vase full of branches (which due to some extenuating circumstances is sitting outside... and has been for over a week. I really should bring that in. I will. Sorry in-laws.) so this one would be easy. You can make a thankful tree with colored leaves to write what you're grateful for. Or you could take it a step further and press real leaves between wax paper and hang them on the tree. The wax paper leaves are really cool guys. Check it out!

Turkey paper bag luminaries, that look like this when they're not lit up: (I was always fascinated by stuff like this when I was a kid.)

This one's a little ridiculous, but it could be funny. I propose that you take this idea and this idea, and combine them to make little pilgrim/indian people with your family's faces on it. I think I'm going to make one of Russell with the blonde curly pilgrim hair up on the right.

The top image is a sugar cookie made out of fruit roll-ups and reese's pieces. It's seriously making my mouth-water. To be honest, anything with fruit roll-ups sounds ridiculously good right now. I'm gonna claim a weird pregnancy craving on this one and hope that you guys don't think I'm too weird.

Above left is a Pop!corn (get it?) surprise paper cracker which could be made to look like Indian corn to be a little more festive. And lastly, Indian corn rice krispie type pops. Which if I had one right now I'd just eat off the fruit roll-ups, and give the rest to some little kid. Because, frankly, the rest doesn't look that appetizing right now, but I'm sure that kids would love it. However, they probably wouldn't appreciate that I'd eaten the fruit roll-up part. Maybe I should just go buy a box of those and be done with it. Russell? Wanna run to the store?


Russell said...

It is I, Captain Vegetable!

Three cheers for me, Captain Vegetable

Lauren said...

This makes me want to be a teacher again - where was this post last year? I'll just have to do it with my kids too - looks way fun. I love the corn sugar cookie.