Tuesday, November 2, 2010

halloween - monster costume

Well, we made it through Halloween. It was a pretty crazy day because Russell had a cousin getting married, so we had the sealing in the morning and then the reception in the evening, and then had dinner and trick-or-treating with my family. It was fun, but in all the craziness we forgot to charge the camera. So we got some nice action shots with my dad's iphone:

That's pretty much how it was. Jonas loved his costume and he was running all over. When I put on the hat he'd immediately try to take it off until I showed him himself in the mirror. Then he'd just stare at himself and smile, and he kept it on for the rest of the night. He knew he looked cute. :)

Some people thought he was cookie monster, or Sulley from Monsters Inc, or maybe a wild thing. All good guesses - but I went away from the beaten path and didn't do anything from a movie/tv/popular culture. He was just the monster on his shirt that we got a while ago from target. Kinda random but it was fun.

Originally I tried to get blue fur and I was just going to make it out of that - but they didn't have any at local stores, and you can't dye the synthetic white stuff. Everything I found online was way expensive and the whole point of making it myself was to make it cheap. So after a long day at fabric stores, blood-stained and tired (literally, Jonas fell and bit his lip and before I realized what happened he'd wiped it all over me, poor kid) I just bought a couple shades of blue fleece fabric that were on sale and figured I'd make it work somehow.

I used some white jersey fabric my mom had given me (hooray for free stuff!) to make the pants and the hood so that it would be stretchy and moveable, using his clothes for a pattern. And I used a white long sleeve onesie that I already had. I cut the fleece into long strips that were about three inches wide, and then cut zi-zags in the middle of those strips, making two strips out of one (half the work). Then I wound those strips around and sewed them on. Yeah, it did take a little bit of time, but I did it while I listened to talks or watched movies with Russell. I started pretty early in the month too so I didn't feel rushed. it was actually pretty fun! haha, it's amazing what I do for fun these days.

The best part was how much Jonas liked it. Today when I was trying to take pictures of the different parts he kept coming and taking them and trying to put it on.

And there you have it! Jonas' Halloween costume!


Hannah Ashmore said...

Seriously, that is the BEST costume I have ever seen. So creative!

Dean, Andrea, Tanner, and Landon said...

You guys look great and Jonas' costume is AMAZING! You are super talented! Especially just making the whole thing up yourself! Geesh!

cori said...

You are amazing! I love it! I am so impressed by your ability to make stuff work. Keep it up, and keep posting :)

Melissa said...

So cute! I have been going crazy trying to figure out how to make my younger son a "super monster" this year. Last year, his older brother was a furry orange monster and I didnt want to repeat the exact same thing. This year, they will be "Super Joseph" and "Super Monster Leo". Did you hand sew or use machine? (I am a new sewer.)

Orange monster suit: http://s1189.photobucket.com/albums/z430/mtrup1/

Anna said...

I hand sewed the strips on and it took forever. :) If I did it again I would machine sew the fleece strips onto the cut fabric pieces, before you assemble the pants, etc. Then there would be a little bit of a bulky seam but I think it would be easier. But if you're going to sew the strips onto pre-existing pants/shirt, I'm not sure how to get around doing it by hand. I don't know. I'm a new sewer too - so I kinda just winged it. :)

Amber Cooper-Martinez said...

This is the PERFECT costume for my sons birthday party, can you PLEASE tell me how you made the hat? Did you just sew the strips on the beanie? Thank you for this, I am trying to make costumes for my, son his father and me, and I could only think of fur, talk about EXPENSIVE... This idea is amazing! Thank you!

Anna said...

I didn't use a beanie, just because I didn't have one, but I think that would work great! I just cut out the strips in the fleece fabric and, starting at the bottom, wound it around sewing on with the sewing machine as I went. Then overlapped the next layer to cover the seam. A monster party sounds like fun! Good luck!

Diane said...

thanks for the great idea! Making this for my twin grandsons!