Wednesday, November 17, 2010

fine motor skill development

Today Jonas made his first major mess (that wasn't diaper related)... and he also figured out how to twist off caps. I feel better about it when I think of it as a milestone - instead of a pain in the butt. He's growing up - that's a good thing right? right.

Earlier today he twisted off a cap of lotion while I was sitting with him. I was surprised, figured it was a fluke, and didn't think much of it. But then, later today he found the big jug of olive oil and practiced his new skill on that. Man, it was a huge mess. The worst part is that he was in my eyeline the whole time. I was trying to figure out how to sew a button hole on my sewing machine so I was too involved to notice before it was too late. Poor kid was covered almost from head to toe in oil. The kitchen was covered too - but luckily it didn't extend to the carpet.

To complicate things a little bit more he'd just pooped his diaper. In trying to get him into the tub, I found out that it's REALLY hard to change a baby's diaper when they're covered in oil and determined not to get their diaper changed. It was like a greased pig competition - but poop was involved so the stakes were much higher.

All the fun from today reminded me of this website. haha, kids. You've gotta commend all these parents for laughing and taking a picture instead of just getting mad. It's pretty funny to go through and see the destructive things kids do. Some are better (or worse) than others. I don't understand the parents who are put out by their son pulling out all the tissues in a tissue box - but red food coloring all over the house (above)? Yeah, that's pretty bad.


lyndsey said...

What a great blog you have! I just moved from Orem. I love your play lists. You seem like such a cute and stylish mom. Just thought I would let you know.

Anna said...

Thanks! I would have thought that you were just my husband trying to make me feel better - if you didn't have a name and a picture. haha, turns out you're real. :)

Lauren said...

I started showing these to Jon and he just said, "I don't want Lily to grow up." Oh the joys to come. :)