Wednesday, November 10, 2010

favorite song

I'm not sure why, but Jonas LOVES this song. Whenever it comes on, wherever he is and whatever he's doing, he stops, jumps up, and runs over to dance right in front of the stereo. He's a little too excited about it being on to actually dance in this video, but you get the idea. haha, funny kid.

Our flip mino is irretrievably broken so sorry for the crappy video quality. It's kind of disappointing when electronic things just stop working, isn't it? For some reason I would feel better about it if we dropped it or if it gave us some kind of error message. But we were always good to our mino and we just get a black screen to show for it. The tech support people pretty much said that we're just out of luck. I guess it was just it's time. Looks like we're on the market for a new camcorder. Anybody have any suggestions?

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Delys said...

Oh, he is so cute. Katie and I love watching Jonas videos :)