Wednesday, November 3, 2010

dresser before & after

It hit me a little while back that having another baby meant another whole set of baby clothes. With Jonas' barely fitting in the bins that we have we decided that we needed a dresser. I thought it would be easy to find a relatively nice dresser at DI or on craigslist - but even the ugly crappy ones were at least $50 to $200. So, we geared ourselves up one Saturday morning to check out yard sales. The first one we went to we saw this hefty beauty. It had purple flower stickers on the front of the top drawers and ugly square wooden knobs that were too far to the side of the drawer so that you couldn't open unless you pulled both knobs. The wood was pretty beat up and the varnish was pretty ugly. But it was made out of solid wood and it was only $15. So we got it. :)

Thankfully, Russell's Dad helped us out a lot by giving me tips and letting us use his power tools. I sanded it down (which was harder than I thought, maybe just because I'm pregnant and it was really hot outside), then puddied up the knicks and holes. We traced the drawer pulls and Russell cut them out with some kind of saw power tool that I don't know that name of. Then we sanded everything down again. A few coats of primer, a couple coats of paint, and viola!

It's big and sturdy and the drawers are huge so we can fit all of both babies clothes in it which is wonderful! At first I wanted to paint it some fancy color, or do some mix of wood varnish and paint. But I decided simplest is best and will last the longest.

And look! Girl clothes! Pinks never been my favorite, but I'm starting to figure out that it can be cute as long as she's not wearing ALL pink and it's modern and not too frilly. We've been so lucky and blessed to have people give us a lot of hand-me-downs. I don't know what we would have done without it. We probably just would have had to pretend that Gwen was a boy until Russell graduates so that we could just put her in Jonas' clothes. just kidding... kind of.

And now a shot of the dresser in action. Jonas is pretty inconsistent in his ideas of cleanliness. Toys and movies belong all over the floor - but drawers are supposed to be closed, even when mom's trying to take a picture.


Dean, Andrea, Tanner, and Landon said...

It turned out great! I never would have thought of those drawer pulls! Genius!

Lauren said...

So awesome. Look at you - taking a junky ugly thing and making it so usable.