Tuesday, November 30, 2010

christmas came early!

Taking a picture of a christmas tree is kind of like taking a picture of a sunset. The pictures never really turn out - you just kinda have to be there to enjoy it. (That is, unless you have a really nice camera, which we don't. so there you go.) But I'm just so excited about the ornaments I got that I wanted to share.

When I got down the christmas decoration boxes I realized that all my glass ornaments weren't going to fly this year. Or rather, with Jonas' help, they were literally gonna fly. His new favorite hobby is throwing things on the kitchen floor and watching them bounce or break. Round ornaments would just be too close to his bouncy balls for them to work. So we needed plastic, shatterproof ornaments. I also realized that the hand-cut paper snowflakes that I do every year would only last a few days since... well you know how toddlers are.

So! I went to Target and found these cute shatterproof ornaments for $10. And then (my favorite) these felt snowflakes 3 for $1. For a total of $13 I got everything that I needed! I don't think there's any such thing as a child-proof tree - but this is a pretty good comprimise.

We also got our christmas present for eachother in the mail. Russell talks about it here. He played with it the whole time I was putting together the tree. We were both pretty excited about what we were doing. It really is starting to feel like christmas.

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