Friday, October 22, 2010


I'm what you would call a sherlock holmes fan. I've read all the stories. I've seen and own all the Jeremy Brett versions. In high school Lauren had a sign saying "221b Baker Street" nailed to our bedroom door that my dad got for us on a business trip to london. I'm not fanatical or anything (right?). I just like it. BBC did a new take with a modern sherlock and it's excellent. seriously. it's good. and somehow it's more true to the book than most adaptations that take place in the correct time period. Anyway, I'd recommend it to everybody. Check it out!

*Edit: We've watched all three episodes now and the second two are pretty disappointing. Sad. The first one is still good - the others just take it too far, try to be too sensational, and Moriarty is psycho.*


Lauren said...

How ironic. I just started the book tonight and I'm liking it so far. What is that guy on...its driving me crazy. Ah - its Amazing Grace.

Anonymous said...

Oh...and I didn't figure that out on my own. IMDB is great for that sort of thing