Wednesday, October 13, 2010

sesame street meets elm street

Maybe it's just because I've been reading a lot of detective novels recently (Sherlock Holmes, Thirteenth Tale, Agatha Chrisite) but whenever I see these two laying around on the ground it always looks like a murder scene. Maybe it's just because Cookie Monster's arms are up and Elmo's are down. Or maybe my mind has become twisted and I need to start reading from a different genre.

Poor little guys. hmmm... I bet that it was Grover, jealous of being pushed out of the spotlight. Oscar would be too obvious. Wow, this makes me realize that there's a whole realm of literature that's been completely ignored - children's murder mysteries. I should make a suggestions to Sesame Street's producers.


Tiff said...

HAHAHAHAHA. Anna, it totally looks like a murder scene. That is hilarious. :)

Rachel said...

HA HA. Anna you seriously crack me up! I pretty much laughed out loud when I read this :)