Friday, October 15, 2010

princess leia

Last year when Jonas was Yoda, Russell and I thought about being Han and Leia - but time slipped away from us. So we just both wore star wars shirts - which we both already had. Kinda nerdy. But I can't be that big of a star wars nerd if I'm not sure exactly how to spell Leia... Leieah... No, I was right the first time. Okay, so maybe I do know how. In any case, I am enough of a nerd to like these cupcakes. and this party.


Dean, Andrea, Tanner, and Landon said...

You are a nerd! How did we ever become friends?? ;) What is Jonas going to be this year??

Anna said...

haha, I know. I can hide it pretty well - you probably had no idea until it was too late and we were already friends.

He's gonna be a monster. That is if he'll keep it all on. If not then he'll just be a weird looking monster I guess. :)

John Tyler said...

Awesome party. When I looked up the blue milk, I saw this video about blue milk and star wars:

It has a little girl actor and it's pretty much amazing. :)