Tuesday, October 26, 2010

growing up

I'm graduated from college. I'm married. I have a one year old. I'm pregnant. I have a moderately stressful calling. I get bills in the mail. I know what a deductible is. And yet all that isn't really enough to make me feel old or grown up.

My saggy maternity pants are what make me feel old.

And listening to conference and devotional talks are what make me feel grown up.

When I was a kid my mom used to listen/watch talks while folding the laundry. We used to roll our eyes and whine: "Not talking heads!". I couldn't understand why she'd watch that when Arthur was on. But now, I'm catching on. It's such a great way to add to my education, and to bring the spirit into my life. And I can do other things at the same time! It's almost like cheating - but I think it still counts.

I love finding talks on the BYU speeches website. Not a lot of people know about that site and it's awesome. They have all the devotionals from years back available for free download. The talks are great because they're longer and often more specialized, specific, laid-back and intellectual than conference talks. They're great. And they help me feel great. I mean, listening to Bruce R McConkie talk about the divinity of God while I (try) to sew a maternity dress? Sheesh. I'm grown up.

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Lauren said...

Same here! I've been thinking about all the times I'd come upstairs in the morning and Mom was already up. I used to wonder why she'd just stay up and stay up - funny I never realized that it was a sacrifice she made over and over again to bring children to earth. Well, I'm starting to understand that now.