Friday, October 22, 2010

free baby patterns

I've been messing around with making dresses on my own without a pattern. I've always hated following instructions - and I just recently realized that I could try things on my own. They don't really turn out how I always imagine, but it's really been a lot of fun. Like the above. I think I'd like it better with more steep of a chevron pattern on the bottom, but whatever. I got tons of that fabric for 25 cents at a yard sale so I could always try it again if I wanted - time isn't money to me anymore. hmmm, now that I 'm looking at it - it kind of looks like it was vaguely inspired by a cheerleading uniform. ugh. pretend like I didn't mention that.

It takes a little bit of thought, but so far it's been great. However, I think I might try out some of these free tutorials, just to make things a little easier:

Newborn Ruffle Skirt (optionally out of men's shirt)

Warhol Dress (also out of men's shirt - but I think I'm going to do mine sans banana)

Diaper Covers

and finally the "probably more work than I want to get into but still cute" dress.

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Lauren said...

Anna - awesome job on the improvised dress. Sheesh, you're always just doing great things. Last night we had dinner with another couple and the girl was saying that her older sister can just look at things and do them - or do things without a lot of instruction (like cutting hair). Made me think of you :)