Saturday, September 18, 2010

song to wake up to

This song always reminds me of the fall just before Russell's mission. One sunday he was driving me home and we got in an accident and totalled his car. Doesn't seem like that would be a good memory, the death of his beloved crappy little car, but it is. We were happy and in love. We handled the problem together well. Instead of getting upset he took pictures with his first car and said goodbye.

All of his brothers showed up one by one to look at the car and pronounce it dead. Some guy in the car in front of us got arrested. Good memories. :) The next day I found this song. "Two of us Sunday driving, not arriving..."

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John Tyler said...

Huh! I always think of you guys when I hear that song because I know it's a you-guys song but I never knew why! Fun to know. :) (and...this is my first comment ever...pretty hi!!!)