Saturday, September 25, 2010

diy reversible cape tutorial

It's our nephew Calum's 2nd birthday and my mom has tons of this crazy orange velvet fabric. So... I decided to make a cape. It turned out to be pretty easy and fun.

I used a soft white knit material on the other side and it made it nice and flowy. You could use any plain light cotton material, but try to avoid anything too stiff. Some type of shiny satin would also be very cool, give it a very superman look. I used fleece for the neck binding/ties, and for the letters because it's what I had. Felt would probably be more correct according to crafty people. But I think the fleece actually worked quite well.

I hand-stiched on the fleece but you could definitely do it with a machine. For some reason it's just more relaxing for me to do it by hand. I think it has to do with Jonas always wanting to sabotage any machine that I'm on. Luckily fabric in my hands isn't as interesting.

If you want to sew the neck binding on by machine, it would be easier to do just a straight line. Trying to get through those little triangles on both sides would be pretty impossible if you weren't doing it by hand.

And now for the end result:

A crabby baby. Turns out capes are definitely not for 1 year olds. Hopefully Calum will like it. But I have a feeling that 3-5 is probably the best age. Oops. Oh well, he'll be 3 eventually.

Ah, there we go, an almost smile. Like the saggy diaper - tight onesie combination? It's his signature super-hero look...

If anyone's interested in making one here are the instructions:


cori said...

Super-cute! I love it and it is something so personal and cute, what kid can resist being a superhero?

Emma said...

Adorable! I'm adding this DIY project to our family's 2013 Summer Bucket List. Thank you!!! :)