Thursday, September 9, 2010


I really liked this article about colic - I guess I liked it in a strange, twisted, satirical way. It's nice to see that we're not the only ones. I can identify with everything he says. It would be hilarious how its so close to our experience, if it wasn't so terrible. Colic is such a beast. It's also refreshing that it's written from the father's perspective. I like the point that he makes where the kids get over it at 3 months, but the parents don't. Looking back I'm starting to realize the effect that it's had on me. That I just started really getting over it a couple months ago.

But still it haunts me *shudder*.

For example - When Jonas turned one we started slowly adding whole milk into his bottles and coincidentally he started getting really crabby. Crying much more than normal and for no apparent reason. I didn't realize it consciously, but I started to panic. When the crying lasted more than a few days it seemed like it was colic all over again. I started to think that maybe it wasn't colic originally, maybe he just likes to cry. That maybe he's always been this fussy and he always will be. that we were all doomed, DOOMED to a lifetime of endless crying.

Then he got a runny nose, and other *ahem* stuff started happening and I finally put two and two together. Oh, okay, he's just sick and/or possibly reacting to the milk. We stopped the milk and he stopped crying. But that gut reaction - I still haven't fully recovered. But I will. :)

Sheesh, hopefully Gwen doesn't have colic. cross your fingers for me guys.

(oh yeah, we're thinking Gwen... Not official, but I find myself thinking of her that way. What do you think?)

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The Dad said...

From Mom - "only one out of ten of my kids had colic - guess which one . . .
Hopefully you are done with it. Your pictures are so cute. Jonas makes that easier than it could be"