Monday, August 9, 2010

toddler toys wish list

My little boy is growing up. Jonas's 1st Birthday is a couple weeks away and I've been looking at TOYS. It's so much fun. I'm having a hard time keeping it under control - so I'm going to make a list and think about this rationally so that I make smart purchases. I feel kinda bad - we've never really bought any toys for him. All hand-me-downs. Last Christmas he was only 4 months old so he didn't really know what was going on enough to really need/want presents. We did get a few things - but that's all.

I don't really want to get a ton of toys - I want to make sure that we get good use out of whatever we get. I remember growing up and Sister Warner used to have a rotation system for toys. She'd pack up one batch and get out the new batch every few months, and then the old toys were exciting again. I think that's a great idea that I want to put into action someday. For now Jonas is probably too young for that, because he might grow out of toys in that amount of time. But I've tried doing that to some extent already - instead of always having all the toys out - and it's seemed to work pretty well.

(pic) The other day we went to DI and saw this sturdy little walker ($2, what a deal right?) and I stood Jonas up and let him have a go, not really intending to get it. He went nuts - he was so excited. Immediately he took off and was almost running down the aisles - then he'd stop and twist the things on the front and take off again. It was so cute and made me realize how he has probably grown out of just playing with rattles and improv toys from around the house.

While I do want to get him some toys he'll like - I also want to be smart about it. I want to get things that will last through a few kids (if that's even possible) and won't get old too fast or fall apart too easily. That's what I like about the walker above or wooden toys - they're really sturdy and there are no stickers to fall off and no electronic parts or pieces to get ruined.

ANYWAY - these are some things that I'm looking at for either his birthday or Christmas:Wooden building blocks in a pull wagon - Ikea $8Collapsable crawling tunnel - Ikea $20
Bead Roller Coaster - Ikea $8
Wooden Crane with Magnetic Blocks - Ikea $14
Plastic Stacking cups - Ikea only $2.50 sheesh.Car Rug Ikea $14His own little chair of some kind - Ikea $12 with a table eventually, when we have room.A simple and sturdy wooden train set with add-ons available - 12 piece Ikea $10

I am also completely in love with Ikea's mini kitchen set. They have the cutest tiny plates and forks etc. If we have a girl someday - I won't be able to resist it. I also really love their tent-covered toddler beds and indoor swings. That's another one for someday. agh. Curst you Ikea - I won't even start with how tempting the grown-up side of their store is. phew.
I love these Red Flyer Wooden Trike's and Retro Rocket and Roadster, but at $50 a piece they're not really possible right now. Another someday for a lucky kid down the road.
15-piece set of Chubbies - gets great reviews - has cars, boats, trains, planes etc. Ohh baby, this is mine - Amazon $28Amazon $12 -I think these are too old for jonas - more of a 2 year old thing - but I remember the kids playing with these in nursery and they LOVED them. they're cool wooden velcro cuttable food. The reviews couldn't be better. Another someday.

What we have already bought for Jonas' Birthday:

Surprisingly nice wooden stackable rings - Walmart $5

Ball pit balls - Walmart 200 for $20. My aunt Cori said that on their kids first birthday they put a bunch of ball pit balls in their playpen and let them go crazy. I love that idea. We'll be able to re-use these with every kid.

One of those cheap big balls that's about as big as he is that every kid should have - Walmart for a few bucks

I also want to get Jonas some bath toys - but I'm hoping I can just find some cheap/good things at Walmart or something.

Man, I also want to get Jonas some books (he loves books, so much that if he can he'll rip them apart) but this list is already too long and I don't think that I want to go there. :)

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Dean, Andrea, Tanner, and Landon said...

I love all those toys! Geesh! Now I want to get new toys too. And first birthdays are the BEST! Can't believe how old Jonas is already!