Sunday, August 29, 2010

happy birthday!

Jonas was born one year ago... right now. phew. What a year it's been. It's all been great - but I wouldn't go back. Not to say I wouldn't do it again. I just love having a little boy who can do things - and interact - and turn on the tv only to be scared by static, and then after crying for a while go back to try it again. I really love being his mom. I love getting to know him and seeing such a little person grow out of a tiny baby. I even love all the mischevious and maddening things that he does. His stubbornness is endearing. Reminds me of me I guess. Even though he sometimes makes me crazy, I love him. I love him even more for making me crazy in a strange way. It's amazing that he's here because we decided to have a baby. How amazing that our decisions can create a life. And now we're doing it all over again. I'm so grateful and excited. How awesome to get the chance to be a mom. Thanks Jonas. Love you cutie.


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Lauren said...

Hoorah for babies and parents who decide to have them (that may sound kinda weird, but its true in our society so I'm going to say it).